10,000 Calorie Cupcake – Epic Meal Time

This week we create a cupcake that racks in at over 10,000 calories! And guess who eats it…

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10,000 Caloria Cupcake – Epic Meal Time


  1. Hypnotiq says:

    TECH DECK DAN WHATTTT UPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Drgn8D says:

    I want to be offended but creampuff is an accurate term ;_; fucking petits choux. So true.

  3. James Lagnese says:

    I call BS. You’d have to have 39+ ounces of fat to equal 10000 calories. Sugar would require more mass.

  4. Galia Rose says:

    is amir going gray??

  5. Chris Snead says:

    I’d eat one for 500 bucks

    Edit: one quadrant not a cupcake lmao

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