Birthday Cake Baklava feat.Timothy Delaghetto – Epic Meal Time

It’s The Fourth of July, and we’ve got Timothy Delaghetto helping us make some Birthday Cake Baklava! It doesn’t quite get more kickass than that!

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Birthday Cake Baklava feat. Timothy Delaghetto – Epic Meal Time


  1. luisizcrezy says:

    Yo this editing is hype!

  2. JustMeJB1234 says:

    Am I the only one waiting for the Obama collab?

  3. Majesty D says:

    Asians and rap music. Bunch of lames Always thinkin they hard now lol fuck outta here

  4. Lord Bachand says:

    3:10 How do you get in a car ? hahah

  5. Spencer Ernest-Ritchie says:

    The only time Harley has heard about cake is when he’s talking about Andees make up job 🔥😵🔪

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