Braided Puff Pastry Filled With Marzipan & Fruit-Recipe

This is a braided marzipan and fruit filled-stuffed puff pastry. Use as a dessert, for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or any fitting occasion. I used the Trader Joe’s brand
of Puff Pastry.


  1. Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife says:

    Looks good ❤️

  2. Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife says:

    Never heard of this pastry though

    • Clair's Culinary Adventures says:

      You can find Puff Pastry in most supermarket freezer section. It is a French pastry that is used for croissants, danishes etc .I will make and upload a recipe for it in the not too distant future.

  3. Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife says:


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