Dr. Pepper Pizza – Epic Meal Time

This week we carbonate, marinate, and bake a pizza by infusing into it Dr. Pepper! It’s the Dr. Pepperoni Pizza!!

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Dr. Pepper Pepperoni Pizza – Epic Meal Time


  1. Ronald Briceno says:

    Aye Lemmekno lost some weight

  2. Werefox32 says:

    You thought you could distract me with all that Dr. Peppers.. But that beautiful BACON weave was not there!

  3. potato4life says:

    I think they really are running out of ideas.

  4. dbc1987dbc says:

    the fuck is muscles’ glasses’

  5. Justin Medlin says:

    So Sauce Bo$$ grew out the beard and now all his boys followed him? I know he’s the boss and this is the era of beards but some people just don’t need beards aka weird Amish Beard guy/captain black beard shit just braid that shit like Johnny Depp and ask why’s all the rum gone while your at it! and we’re the fuck is muscles glasses at man come on!

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