Sausage Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Superfood Family Classics

A favourite in the Oliver household this hearty Sausage Pasta is full of nutritional goodness, it’s quick, colourful and contains three of your five a day! Oh and it tastes absolutely delicious! This recipe is from Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics. Click the link to get a copy today –

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  1. Steven Goggin says:

    Cooking this tonight for the missus’ and her family. Looks delish!!!

  2. Akis Kitchen says:

    Great idea and recipe!!! thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Alexi Marmott says:

    The Spanish have really taken a disliking to your paella.

    What struck me the most was the energy the Spanish seemed to garner for


    Strange bunch.

    I am friends with tonnes of Spanish young adults who have moved over to
    England, and not one of them has cooked me a paella.

    I did eat some cold , pink spiced pork brought over from Spain however,
    although I actually suspect that it was horse.

    Broccoli stalks are fantastic and its one of the foods we now all turn our
    noses up at, along with things like liver and heart.

    These foods have been part of our diets for thousands of years but in the
    last 50 years, entire generations of westerners have abandoned them all.

    We just eat muscle and wholesome fruit and veg… ( proving you don’t eat
    at macdonalds)

    This diet doesn’t sound bad, however I do wonder what change it will have
    on humans.

    Food is very important and is one of the major contributing factors that
    changed us from tree dwelling apes to ground searching beasts, scavenging
    and then foraging and finally processing and preserving.

    The way we ate caused us to evolve.

    People do know this however and it’s why the government elite have no
    quarms with serving this pap up to the poor.

    Grow your own veg.
    Cook your own food.
    Don’t eat sweets from strangers.

  4. lennie says:

    Jamie your a food genius, & keeping it healthy 👍😊😊 thx

  5. andrewaway says:


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