The Meal Replacement Shake

My Shake Recipe + NUTRITION HACK.
Not going to lie, this is amazING. And filling. I’m doing two meal replacements per day, one of the recipes below and one @shakeology.
✅ Handful of spinach
✅ 3 HEAPING scoops of hemp seeds
✅ 1 scoop organic fiber powder
✅ 1 scoop cocoa
✅ 1 serving raw nuts
✅ 1 table spoon @shakeology for taste
Topped with lactose free milk. Its an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth!

If you’re looking to get @shakeology , dm me and I’ll hook ya up with some at home workouts 💪👊🏼.

A little something I call Shake Residue. After you drink your shake, immediately fill up with water and chug it 😋. More nutrients & more satiety!

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  1. Anthony S says:

    love your channel, joe, but you gotta record and post your vids in HD! it’ll make your presentations look more professional and be on par with some of your colleagues.

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