What I Ate Today + Exercise ☼ High Carb Low Fat Vegan ☼

An in-depth video on my veganism will be coming soon! Leave me a comment please, I would love to reply and get to know you- Subscribe to my channel for more and thumbs up for feeling goooood!…


  1. rachelleeex33 says:

    Loved this vid! I hope to see more vegan content! It’s nice to see vegans
    who are my age on Youtube!(:

  2. Adrienna Cheshire says:

    Just found your channel and i love you! You’re gorgeous and I love your
    videos. I made my first what i ate today video yesterday and it was so fun
    haha. i love the hclf vegan lifestyle x x

  3. Georgie Williamson says:

    Omg modsun!yessss girl 

  4. miraclemakeup says:

    I love your eyes and this video 🙂 

  5. aleidacastroxo | Makeup says:

    Great video love. I have been thinking of filming something like this
    🙂 xo 

  6. Mihaela C says:

    Do you know where your mom bought the bike or the brand of it? I love how
    compact it is!

  7. LauraDollx says:

    New video! What I ate today on a #hclf #vegan lifestyle. 

  8. VeganVeins says:

    You are so cute! I had the same thing for breakfast :)

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